VmathLiveWhat is VmathLive?

VmathLive® empowers students in grades K–8 to master math content at their own pace in a motivating online environment. The learning is structured so that students work sequentially through the lessons and can earn badges, trophies, and points.

Why VmathLive?

  • Class performance can be quickly viewed by teachers to gauge student performance and comprehension
  • Students stay on track with messaging, badges, trophies, points, and other creative engagement strategies
  • Scaffolded help provides problem-specific, step-by-step hints and onscreen tutoring
  • Visual representations of math concepts in English and Spanish help students understand connections
  • Structured learning paths guide students through a year’s worth of math
  • Engages students with a new Play component comprised of 20 different games
  • Activities are aligned with lessons of popular core print programs, Common Core and other state standards


Motivating for Every Student

With a rich, interactive online environment, students are motivated and engaged as they move through the games and activities in VmathLive. Students are having so much fun using VmathLive, they don’t even realize that they are moving through a year’s worth of math in record time!


VmathLive features four main components:

Students spend 60% of their time in the Learn component where they:

  • Respond to questions specific to 334 math topics
  • Access three levels of support: hints, virtual tutor, and pre-skill activities
  • Earn tokens for completing activities
Students spend 40% of their time in the Play component where they:

  • Play in real-time competitions with students from across the country
  • Compete in 20 games of math fact fluency and mental math skills
  • Develop their personal origami avatars
The Master component quizzes students on what they know:

  • Students master an activity by completing 8, 9, or 10 correct answers in a row
  • When students pass a Module Test, they advance to the next level
  • As they master a module, students earn new avatars, bonus points, and a certificate
The Intelligent Teacher Dashboard provides teachers with the following tools:

  • Key Indicators provide an overall look at class progress, including number of logins, average daily time spent in VmathLive, and overall percentage growth in the program
  • Kudos component tracks major milestones completed, number of students that have reached the online goal, completed modules, and trophies earned
  • Alerts give teachers notifications for students who are struggling or if usage has decreased significantly or stopped altogether
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