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Grades: K-5

Velocity is a Revolutionary K-5 Digital Instructional Solution

Functioning as an extension of the teacher’s presence in the classroom, Velocity continuously monitors each student’s understanding of countless subtle learning concepts. This advanced technology instantly adjusts lessons to make them more effective for each individual student, providing actionable insights to the teacher throughout the process.

Velocity is adaptive, but its underpinnings and the learning outcomes that it facilitates cannot be compared to any technology that has come before it.

Velocity SuperpowerSuperpowers of Velocity

All educators are heroes. Sometimes even superheroes need to be able to tap into futuristic technologies to boost their superpowers. Velocity is a brand new application that helps teachers develop at least five superpowers.

Teacher Solution

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Velocity provides teachers with dynamic information to address the needs of individual students, without requiring them to stop what they are doing and analyze additional data themselves.

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Student Solution

Velocity Student Pathway

Velocity adapts throughout the student’s work, providing scaffolded support and on-the-fly hints continuously and seamlessly, rather than adapting after a correct or incorrect response is given.

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The Learning Engine

Enlearn Velocity Learning Engine

Enlearn's computer science expertise and research-based recommendation engine pair with Voyager Sopris Learning's unsurpassed understanding of curriculum development and effective pedagogy.

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Velocity is intended to help kids get on grade level, no matter where their starting point may be. So that means that some kids may need up to 6x more content than others, and not just any content but highly curated content that is specific in the way their pacing requires—or the way they build knowledge requires. – Zoran Popović,
Founder and Chief Scientist, Enlearn, Seattle, WA
The lessons are explicit. It’s not just practice – it’s what every one of my students need and I struggle to provide. – Teacher from Seatack Elementary,
Virginia Beach City Public Schools, VA
I like that Velocity adapts to you instead of just giving you things you aren’t good at. – Student from Uplift Summit Academy,
Arlington, TX

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