Voyager Adventure Series

Grades: K-8

Take Students to Places They've Never Been

Students can listen to music, paint, draw, perform, debate, write scripts for TV or radio, design a business, explore dinosaurs—and that’s just the start! Through cross-curricular adventures they can explore the fine arts, uncover the world's great mysteries, learn about the United States, or study mass communications from newspapers to web development to mobile.
adventure series

Voyager Adventure Series is an evidence-based language arts and mathematics program for K–8 students. Through a cooperative and integrated approach to learning, students will apply language arts and math skills to real-world situations. This dynamic program includes a highly interactive blend of print materials and experiential activities, making it a perfect choice for after-school and summer school programs. In addition, it’s an excellent fit for 21st Century, Title I, and SES (Supplemental Education Services) funding.

Create an Exciting Learning Environment With the Voyager Adventure Series

  • Features teacher-friendly implementation
  • Offers flexible grouping formats Includes a built-in classroom management system
  • Provides a broad spectrum of cross-curricular activities
  • Utilizes captivating, hands-on learning stations
  • Offers support for English language learners
  • Includes 60 hours of instruction per level