TimeWarp Plus Summer Curriculum

TimeWarp Plus

Grades: K-9

Prevent summer learning loss and improve students' reading skills with this high-interest, K-9 summer reading intervention

Don't let students' skills decline over the summer months; extend their learning opportunities and have fun doing it! TimeWarp® Plus is a high-interest, grade-level reading intervention designed to bring engaging and hands-on adventure-based lessons to students in grades K–9. 
Grade-level adventures feature travel to ancient cultures as a means of enriching learning. Explicit instruction covers the five essential reading components with academically challenging and motivating content. 

TimeWarp Plus:

  • Offers three to four hours of daily academic instruction, totaling up to 80 hours
  • Provides for flexible whole class and small group settings
  • Includes additional language arts strands of writing, spelling, listening & speaking
  • Supports English learners with read-along passages, audio, and a highlight word function
  • Delivers an effective instruction model for intersession classes in year-round school districts


Read the Research—Make Your Choice!

TimeWarp Plus is grounded in a decade of validated research to prevent and reverse summer reading loss. In a national study, students sampled from seven school districts made gains of 5–9 months during the summer program. A similar study of more than 14,000 students across nine districts showed equally dramatic results.