We Can Early Learning Curriculum

We Can Classroom Management System

This research- and evidence-based classroom management system allows teachers to manage the environment while children learn to manage themselves within the structure provided by routines. This management system incorporates small- and whole-group instruction and Learning Centers for positively and proactively creating order in the environment so teachers can focus on instruction.

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Goals of the Classroom Management System:
• Children move through the daily schedule in a calm and orderly manner
• Children are actively involved and participate as helpers and leaders
• Children make choices, solve problems, and choose Learning Centers
• Children use their words to express ideas and to identify needs
• Teachers alternate small- and whole-group activities using a Daily Schedule and Rotation Chart to clarify expectations and promote successful learning experiences

Classroom Management Resources
The Classroom Management Kit includes everything teachers need to organize classrooms and paper management. The Classroom Management System includes five modules, each with explicit, easy-to-follow directions and support.

Module 1: Organize the Classroom
Module 2: Develop Management Tools
Module 3: Create and Use Centers
Module 4: Group Children for Teaching and Practice
Module 5: Fine-Tuning and Reporting Progress
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